Belinda Bracelet


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Belinda Clay bracelets are made with wood and handmade Haitian clay beads. 

 Handmade Haitian Clay + Wood || Stretch

Hand strung in Haiti

Beljouy's clay beads are hand rolled, making each one unique and a small piece of art. The clay is dug by hand from natural deposits in Haiti’s central plateau. The raw clay is then broken into a fine powder and the impurities are sifted out.  The powdered clay is mixed with water and then dried on a plater to remove excess moisture. Skilled artisans roll these clay beads in a variety of sizes and shapes, then each piece is hand-painted with glaze. The finished pieces are fired in a kiln which transforms the raw clay to permanent ceramic, and the raw glazes to brightly-colored glass. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.