Floral Face Moisturizer


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Made from bitter orange and geranium flower water, our floral face moisturizer will soothe, moisturize and regenerate your skin. This face cream also contains hibiscus oil, rosehip oil and apricot oil; these powerful natural ingredients combined together will make the complexion look bright, improve skin elasticity and nourish the skin deeply.

With geranium and lavender flower extract for a nice, soft and calming floral scent. This face moisturizer suits perfectly any skin type, especially dry, sensitive or mature skins.

WHY I AM KIND This product, like any other BKIND product, is designed in Quebec. We only use the finest natural ingredients that provides the most benefits for the skin and our products are always cruelty-free. The box is designed and printed in Quebec and is recyclable as well.

HOW TO USE After cleaning the face, apply on the face with circular movements.
Made in Canada