Tropical Gold Self Tanning Mousse

Kona Skin Care

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16 oz. Tropical Gold Self Tanning Mousse. For All Skin Types.

This luxury self-tanning mousse applies an even natural dark bronze tan on the face and body without harmful UV damage. For a flawless, sunless tan, Kona Skin Care’s Tropical Gold Self Tanning Mousse will leave you glowing with a natural bronze tone. It applies evenly and develops its full bronzing potential within 4 to 6 hours.

*For a limited time, our tanning mousse includes a complimentary luxury tanning mitt with every order.*

Do not use any lotions or oils before applying tanning mousse. Avoid over-applying on dry areas or elbows, knees, and ankles.

Directions: For best results, Begin with freshly cleansed skin that has been exfoliated with our Kona Coffee Scrub. Rinse and Pat dry. Next, Apply tanning mousse onto skin with a hand mitt in circular motions. Let mousse dry completely before touching towels, bedding, or clothing. Re-apply every 5-7 days for a darker tan.

Maintain a tan longer by applying a massage oil.
Made in United States of America